C for CR-V 2.2 Diesel AWD L4
Partner's Car Owned by benlovesgoddess

  • The weekend and winter car, and for when we need separate cars. Bought second hand in November 2013, and should be with us for the next 3 years at least. Lots of voice activated stuff that we don't use! The reversing camera is very useful. Not really had a chance to test her in snow yet. Put C for CR-V private plates on to try and pass her off as a 3 year old rather than 8 year old (to the uninitiated). Well, I had been driving her for a year before noticing the facelift tweaks from 2010 myself , so it should fool non Honda drivers at least...! We've done nothing to her in 20,000 miles,(apart from 4 snow tyres) though she needs new headlight bulbs.
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      benlovesgoddess, Thursday 3rd Sep, 2015
  2. Thanks! It ended up being Debbies birthday present - pretty vain, but we got if for just £280 including fees, C for CR-V! We expect it will retain it's value if we sell the car, but more likely we'll get a 1.6 diesel 4th Generation in 3-4 years and transfer it. As Debbie had been moaning how old her 57 plate car looked, I figured pretending it was a 2012 model was cheaper than trading in for a 2012 model...!
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  3. I love that number plate. :Niceone:
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