Cassie's Integra Type-R DC5
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  • First imported into the UK from Japan in December 2013 with 55,000 miles registered. I've owned since July 2014. He's the C-Pack model which was Japan's answer to optional extras such as rear wiper, privacy glass, and electric folding mirrors. I purchased him from a lovely guy 'up north' who'd had him for 6 months but needed to sell on due to other financial commitments. I had been looking for a few months when I came across this through the ITR-DC5 Forum. I had certain requirements - had to have the C-Pack, low mileage, completely standard (no mods), and the red trim (the Recaro seats, floor carpets, and floor mats came in 3 trim levels .... red, black or blue, although IIRC the blue was only an option on the Arctic Blue or Vivid Pearl Blue models). There was no paperwork with the vehicle aside from auction grade and sale paperwork from Japan, but considering the low mileage and condition that didn't put me off. I did my checks which were all clear and upon viewing I could quite clearly see he'd been really looked after. And so here he is, my daily driver.

    Please feel free to follow me on Instagram for more pictures, updates, and general nonsense - username DC5Cassie

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Skunk2 weighted gearknob.
    Eibach Sport line lowering springs.
    Front camber bolts.
    DME rear camber arms.
    Fast road set up (FRSU).
    Pioneer double din headunit.
    Goodyear Eagle F1 AS2 all round.

    Service History & Related Threads

    No history with the car. However, I'm hands on so did an oil, filter, gearbox oil and cabin filter change not long after getting him.
  1. i wish mine was white sometimes!
    i imagine its just as a pain to keep clean as black though :no:
    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      I'd say it's worse, at least black hides most of the dirt. I've always been obsessive over keeping my cars clean and sealed though. Champ white likes to change to champ cream over time! That's a pain.
      DC5Cassie, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
    2. WalshDC5 Avatar
      At least it won't go milano pink haha!
      what double din have you got? Really finishes off the interior
      WalshDC5, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
    3. DC5Cassie Avatar
      Haha, my previous Type-R was Milano. I managed to keep it red. Unlike my brother who has a Milano pink Accord!
      DC5Cassie, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
  2. It looked stunning at Japfest 2. You should have came and said hello.
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    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      Thank you. I did wander over and have a nosey. There wasn't anyone around at the time to say hi to *sad face*
      DC5Cassie, Sunday 13th Sep, 2015
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      We were all off admiring everyone else's cars, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see yours either!
      DeviateDefiant, Wednesday 16th Sep, 2015
    3. MickyB Avatar
      Well hopefully after the success of Japfest 2 there WILL be a next time so we can all get together.
      MickyB, Saturday 19th Sep, 2015
  3. as much as I love Civic ... there is something completely inexpiable about Honda Integra, let alone a Type-R in white. Stunning!
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    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      I'm doing it right! Haha
      DC5Cassie, Sunday 13th Sep, 2015
  4. A lovely DC5 :Thumbup:
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  5. very nice, really like the look of DC-5's.
    looks a nice example
    look forward to your write ups
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  6. Cassie I'm not usually a fan of white cars - or imports come to that - but yours is a stunner. Great find.
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  7. :dribble: This car is just pure eyegasm, We want more pictures! :jumpy:
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    1. DC5Cassie Avatar
      There's a few knocking about on Instagram if you use it (same username).
      DC5Cassie, Saturday 28th Mar, 2015
  8. Very nice :gohonda:
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  9. Great shots there. :Wub:
    Thank you for sharing. :sparta:
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  10. Looking mean ! :Thumbup:
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