Weekend Toy Owned by lefty

  • Same as my car, as Honda intended, but I did fit a rear hugger, to stop the crud hitting the rear shock.
    The poor photo in the showroom was before I picked it up, and the next one makes me embarassed! Must sort out the garage!
  1. I don't know much about bikes but looks a beast :Smile:
  2. love the naked CB series , at Padgett's there was a Repsol colour one as well as the tricolour range.
    1. ricksmith Avatar
      Hi cj
      Talking about cb's. On your padgetts piccies the other day did I see an old cb750/900 f2????
      ricksmith, Thursday 17th Apr, 2014
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Yes mate those old beauties were there as well as the same one as lefty in tricolour and repsol.
      Ichiban, Thursday 17th Apr, 2014
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