CB1000R Naked
Owned by fflappson

  1. I don't know much about bikes, but that looks stunning
  2. That looks sick top paint work scheme never seen that one before, I can't wait for the SuperSic 58 naked version that is mental.

    Congrats of 50 years of motorcycling that is a massive achievement of safe riding.
    1. fflappson Avatar
      Thank you Ichiban, Yes , even though I say so myself, I think Honda have done a superb job with this colour scheme, It looks even better in the flesh... Why does it seem that every new bike is matte grey or black?!? That's ok if it is a old Velo or Ajay. Thanks, All the best...
      fflappson, Thursday 8th Dec, 2016
  3. A gift to myself to mark my 50 years of motorcycling, What a superb machine!!
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