CB1100f Super Bol D'or
Previously Owned Owned by GSD2013

  • Ultra rare roadster made at the tail end of the 70's/early 80's superbike era.
    Lovely old school roadster with 140mph on tap - if your neck was ever strong enough, lol.
    Had new style piggy back oil cooled shocks as standard and Honda anti-dive/TRAC fork suspension on the front.
    Halcyon days before the kids came along
  1. Metallic candy apple red and pearlescent white, gold powdercoating, aaah such a pleasure to look after.
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  2. What a beauty. I love that retro paint and golden alloys, really stunning. Only Honda CBX 1000 would be more magnificent.
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  3. Sadly, no more pictures, got lost in house move eons ago along with other bike photos, I will upload more stock photos of previously owned bikes, but will sadly not be the actual bike I owned - I was gutted when I lost those photos, all taken before digital cameras existed and the internet was just a military secret.
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  4. Proper air cooled bike those bikes could pull no rev limiters either. The only thing holding them back those days were tyres the tyres you get now are awesome.

    Load a few more pictures if got any pal.
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