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  • Often regarded as the CBF1000 Mk.II, this heavily revised version of the original CBF1000A from 2006, probably represents one of Honda's worse advertised success stories since its introduction in 2010.
    Started off as one of Honda's 'Naked Bike' family and more recently upgraded to 'Street Bike' status with the added option of lower fairings and full luggage,
    the CBF1000F is pretty much the perfect all-rounder and particularly good as a mile-eating tourer, but now beginning to show its age against newer bikes loaded with adjustable dynamic suspension, switchable power outputs and advanced anti-lock braking options.
    No evidence recently that it's still in production since 2012, so should be assumed to be a model on its way out. More's the pity as Honda currently have nothing in their stable in the one litre class that can take over the mantle.
  1. I love this concept. Had the CBF600SA 2008 (injection) for 5 years. Had a lot of fun with it.
  2. A little too retro for my taste and being naked, it doesn't offer anything in the way of weather protection, which really is high on my list of requirements for a touring bike.
    VFR 1200 and Crosstourer are nice, but the V4 is a little thirsty.
    Anything smaller than a one litre would probably prove to be too small for me and my touring luggage. After all, l didn't choose the moniker Big H for nothing. lol
    Have to say, I'm looking forward to trying the upcoming Africa Twin though.
  3. The CB1100 EX is one bike if you like your retro bikes mate ?
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