ChrisF's 7th Generation Accord
Daily Driver Owned by ChrisF

  • 2004 2.0 Accord i-VTEC Sport in Arctic Blue Pearl, 120k miles.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

  1. Nice looking CL7, same as mine including the colour except I have the smaller lip spoiler on the boot lid. Im in Paisley so will keep an eye out for your car.
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  2. After breaking the original xcarlink ipod cable i ended up fitting a new one and rerouting all the xcarlink to the rear of the glovebox instead of in the tunnel between the seats. Much tidier.
    Starting to get some annoying rattles from around the passenger door and seatbelt adjuster, not too bad for it's age and probably not helped at all by the shocking state of the roads in Glasgow. Out with the screwdrivers and tape this week i think!
  3. 120k Mile Full Service
    Brakes: New rear slide pins, discs and pads to fix sticky back calipers.
    New Bosch s4 Battery
    Ring Automotive 125% Headlight Bulbs

    Wheel Refurb coming soon, probably stock penta grey, might be convinced otherwise with the samples at the wheel place.
  4. What short shifter you got there?
    1. ChrisF Avatar
      It's just the factory shifter stripped down to fit the xcarlink :Smile:
      ChrisF, Saturday 17th Jan, 2015
  5. I do love that colour !
    1. ChrisF Avatar
      Its awesome when it's just polished on a sunny day!
      ChrisF, Monday 20th Oct, 2014
  6. She looks in pretty good condition!
    1. ChrisF Avatar
      For the most part she is. Not showing her age yet ;P
      ChrisF, Wednesday 15th Oct, 2014
  7. Great colour CL7 Chris. Please tell us more.
  8. Very nice - any plans for her? Oh yes, more pictures please, we like lots of pictures
    1. ChrisF Avatar
      Honestly, no real plans other than a refurb on the wheels as they are flaking a bit. I like it the way it is :Smile:
      ChrisF, Wednesday 15th Oct, 2014
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