Daily Driver Owned by chrissy

  1. Good to hear your enjoying it, is that a big tank behind the back seats? Does it affect handling much?
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Yes it will affect handling as the centre of gravity is moved well high above the rear axle. I prefer fitting the torodial tanks in the wheel well area.
      SpeedyGee, Monday 21st Sep, 2015
  2. Hi SpeedyGee. Gosh its been so long... i've really had to google it to remember the kit name. Its KME Diego.
  3. Multipoint flashlubed LPG'd Accord, nice.

    Which LPG system is it ?
    1. chrissy Avatar
      So sorry i missed this Speedy!!!
      Its a KME-Diego.
      I'm looking for specialists in Manchester who can service this baby if anyone knows anyone. Mainly for KME Diego...
      chrissy, Tuesday 6th Dec, 2016