Daily Driver Owned by JAPIMPORT

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    Modifications & Optional Extras

    upgraded the gear :tut: to Type-R one,,16 inch wheels,rear spoiler,front fog lights,aftermarket radio
  1. I really like your 6th Generation, what Colour is it?
  2. [​IMG] on a trip to Tipperary recently
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  3. I regret never owning a 6th Generation. Christine certainly does look good. It's nice to see her being looked after.
  4. more pictures added
  5. Nice shade of Blue that !
    1. JAPIMPORT Avatar
      its a nice colour alright once you wash the car it comes up great, when its dirty it looks dull
      JAPIMPORT, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing more photographs.
  7. Is the first one a different car ? If so, create a seperate Garage entry and mark it as "Previously Owned"
    1. JAPIMPORT Avatar
      will do that cheers :Smile:
      JAPIMPORT, Sunday 16th Nov, 2014
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