Civic Jordan Project to Daily
Needs Repair Owned by ohrly

  1. Keeping it out of the scrapyard kudos
  2. Haha I've got some on one of my hard drives I'll dig them out - it's not pretty! Replacing majority of the panels before paint (mainly because I'm not a big fan of using a lot of filler). Just added the only photo I have to hand.

    Passenger rear quarter is caved in, it's not like horrendous but we've already tried just popping it out, so a new one is being welded in (yet to source that but won't be hard).
    Already have both replacement front wings (old ones were very very rusty, easier to get a cheap new pair than spend time welding and repairing them).
    Have an EK9 rear spoiler to go on.
    Grille is being swapped for a generic aftermarket one (I hate the chrome).
    Have a new drivers door (old one looks like it had been slammed into a low wall, or finger punched by the Hulk).
    Also have a new tailgate (large dent in the old one).

    And the clutch needs looking at too, it's so stiff I pulled a muscle in my leg driving it round the yard :lol:

    Luckily my other half works in a bodyshop (as a mechanic, funnily enough he's MOTd and looked after this car for years and it's a good runner, so when it got written off we pounced haha) so any repairs and paint will be at a good price. Have photos from every angle showing the damage so if it's sold in future the new owner can see exactly what was damaged and what's been repaired.

    It's number 497.
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