Civic Type-S EV1
Daily Driver Owned by Ray_S

  • This is my current daily driver, P/X'd the old Accord CC7 (on the left) against it.
  1. Yes looking forward to seeing more pics of the EV1 please :Smile:

    I have just put up a project log of all the work I have been doing to mine :Smile: I just love working under cars :Smile: may sound crazy.....

    These are great cars, well done :Smile:
  2. Looks good. More pics and details please
  3. I concur with what @Nels says, please do add some more pics of you EV1 and would be great to see you CC7 as well.
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  4. Please post more pictures of your EV1 and if you have any of your CC7, start a new garage entry for her too.
    I'd love to see more of both.