Cobalt Blue Pearl
Partner's Car Owned by bobbybliss

  • Got this as a company car in 2009. It was very expensive to lease, but I bought it privately after four years for a good price. It has the navigation and electrical boot lid. What I like most is the premium audio. Awesome. I intend to keep this car forever.

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  1. Nice combination. :Grin:
    1. bobbybliss Avatar
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  2. That car will go forever mate.. They are superbly built and will last the test of time.

    Is the Yellow AP1 your weekend toy?
    1. bobbybliss Avatar
      It's actually the reverse!

      Go to work in the two-seater and take the family out in the weekends ;-)
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Even better.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
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