Concerto B20 VTEC
Weekend Toy Owned by Davej5

  • Here is my weekend toy it stared life as a 16i-16 SE but I first fitted a B16 then changed the block for a B20B with high comp wiseco pistons, arp big end and head bolts, block guard and ITR cams. It presently has a Y1 LSD gearbox which I plan to change to an S9b from a Civic 1.8 vti, MG ZS brakes all round and a 2.5 inch exhaust.
    Other mods include Recaro copy leather seats, 15x6.5 Rota Grid wheels, Koni suspension kit (soon to be replaced with Gaz Coil overs) and poly bushed suspension.

    Well I decided to get this finished for Japfest but when I jacked up the back I found further rust behind the parts I had already repaired so I have had to cut of the back of the right hand sill so I can patch up the inner sill. This might mean it won't get done for Japfest as I am only able to work for short periods due to health problems.

    I did pick up some new wheels for it some brand new Rota subzeros for £275.
  1. Nice! I used to have the old Rover 200 3-door version. The engine was the best part of it.

    Great looking car you have there.
  2. Just seen this in the HOTM nominations. Wow! What a beast, awesome motor buddy.
  3. White alloys over white car!!!
    But yeah a true sleeper .. most people probably have forgotten these exist, let alone one with a Frankenstein motor. Any updates? can we hear the motor in a video perhaps?
    1. Davej5 Avatar
      The new wheels going on are gold Sub Zeros
      Davej5, Monday 30th May, 2016
  4. Nice car. Like how you have kept it reasonably low-key on the outside.

    Good for humbling some more expensive cars on those twisty Cornish roads!
    1. Davej5 Avatar
      Yes I have deliberately kept it fairly stock looking in fact I have taken off the splitter so it is just the wheels and the ride height that are not stock.
      Davej5, Friday 13th Feb, 2015
  5. Dam I just jacked it up for the first time since the project was put on the back burner (nearly two years ago) and found the inner right sill has rusted through. Looks like I am going to have to cut the new arch and sill repair off so I can get to the inner panel, with hindsight I should have done the inner before I did the arch/outer sill but it looked OK then.
  6. wow! that looks superb, havent seen these in ages, must be an absolute hoot to drive with a b16!
  7. You have been busy !
    Smashing looking Concerto Dave.
  8. Classic, great choices on the build. Real gem you have there.