concerto Type-R project
Weekend Toy Owned by tomsy69

  • Honda concerto 1.6 project
    Mods to be done this month: lowering springs , calibre deep dish alloys , bit of welding, bootlid spoiler swap with my other concerto donar car.

    Future mods. Respray in black, Type-R engine swap.
  1. Don't forget you can record your work in the Project Log.
  2. Did you buy this recently? Swear i saw that on a recent ad. Looks good, need more pics tho.
    1. tomsy69 Avatar
      Yeah both were on ebay and snatched both of them up really cheap. The one im using is older and has the less bhp 1.6 carb engine which is a shame but has good bodywork and i can steel all the good bits off the donar car like the leather door cards and spoilers etc
      tomsy69, Tuesday 13th Oct, 2015
    2. exec Avatar
      Good stuff, look forward to seeing how this build turns out.
      exec, Tuesday 13th Oct, 2015