CR-V 2.2
Previously Owned Owned by Sims77

  • The wifes ex-runabout
  1. Well, Holdcroft Honda did a repair on the TPS and all has been well.
    Until recently, its started to play up again. This time we are well out of warranty so its coming out of our pockets. When the girl comes to pick up the ATR, the funds from that will go towards repairing the CR-V

    Never rains, it pours :thumbdown:
  2. Just an update, the CR-V has been checked over and it needs a new Throttle Postion Sensor, Brake Discs and Drop Link.

    Hopefully this will be covered under the warranty.
  3. We need some more pictures @Sims77 :Smile:
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      I'll get some uploaded
      Sims77, Wednesday 18th Mar, 2015
  4. CR-V's are just the ticket for family cars. Just stay on top of the oil changes.
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Cheers for the advice
      We've only had it 3 weeks and already I've found the Throttle Position Sensor was covered in grease. I've booked it in to a local garage to do a check on the car while its under the 3 months warranty. Better safe than sorry
      Sims77, Tuesday 17th Mar, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      Agreed. Whilst she's under warranty, test and check everything out.
      Nels, Wednesday 18th Mar, 2015