CR-V AWD EX 2.0l petrol
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  • It is a 2.0i EX AWD model with leather. I have added 3 OEM extras. The locking wheel nuts, cargo tray, and chrome exhaust finisher. The latest upgrade includes H&R aftermarket +30mm lifting springs something I really wanted (3rd picture). Now ground clearance measures 19.5mm with the correct tyre pressure (2.3 bar). (If I get the 235 60 R18 upgrade it will become 20cm) Best SUV in its class. With the lifting springs CR-V becomes the king in my heart too since CR-V surpass the competitions' ground clearance specs, drives perfect on humps, on potholes, when cruising, and when off road. I simply love it. It is like having a new 4 1/2 generation SUV. The polish metal metallic and the OEM tinted glass colour makes CR-V look perfect. This is the reason I will be comparing it with my Audi Q5, which is a luxury SUV, best in its class too. Having both, I enjoy driving both as much, though my wife chose the CR-V due to having rear Camera capability when reversing, glass roof, and she feels less stressed when driving it. With the 20cm ground clearance she has enough space to avoid hitting any obstacles underneath (curbs), during my wifes shopping days. Now I feel more confident when going off road with the CR-V.

    Honda CR-V EX 2.0i 2013 vs Audi Q5 2009 2.0i TFSi
    I cannot tell the difference between my Honda CR-V and my Audi Q5. They have more or less the same colour. They have the same height the same length the same ground clearance (due to installing the H&R lifting springs). The only external differences are the tyre/rim size 225/60R18 7J for CR-V 235/55R19 8J for Audi Q5, the Q5 OEM cross bars which was an accessory, and the dual chrome exhaust on Q5 (left and right vehicle side) vs the single chrome exhaust on CR-V. Both with HID Xenon, though Q5 does not have corner lights, both come with TPMS (I had to hack this feature on my Audi Q5 in order to enable it), both with bluetooth (I had to install a Kufatec/Fiscon bluetooth telephone on my Audi Q5), both leather, CR-V has a black glass roof (wished that all roof was black as well as my side view mirrors), CR-V has a reverse camera, both have 4 front/4 rear parking sensors, both OEM locking nuts, both cargo tray, both have hill descent control, Audi Q5 has a Hill Hold feature, I will not mention GPS because no available maps for Cyprus for my CR-V. The engine difference is the power. 155HP for CR-V, 211HP for Q5. Fuel consumption is 11l/100km for CR-V 13.5l/100km for Q5. Radio quality is similar, CR-V has a touch screen a USB and a AV slot (thus you can install an aftermarket miracast hdmi box), Audi has a 6.5" infotainment screen an SD card and an aux slot. Both have multifunction steering wheel, Audi Q5 did not come with Paddle Shifters whereas CR-V did. CR-V EX came with keyless/Kessy entry/engine start, and power tailgate whereas my Q5 did not (both available as expensive accessories). Honda CR-V has more cargo/luggage volume which is important for families. CR-V has no hump in the back middle seat walking corridor, so three adults can be accommodated with comfort. Audi Q5 has oil level reading on the radio display screen, whereas CR-V has the normal oil level stick. CR-V comes with alarm/siren safety feature, whereas Audi did not (can be retrofitted).

    Regarding the automatic gearbox, Honda CR-V is a 5 speed automatic, the sport mode you can use the paddle shifts, whereas the Audi Q5 is using the 7 speed S-tronic, the sport mode is like the automatic though more torque is available per gear, which is a really nice feature, and there is an additional +- for manual gear operation same as CR-V sport mode.

    As for AWD system, CR-V has a clutch type open differential, which is usually disengaged unless it senses that it needs to send torque to the rear wheels. It can send upto 40% rear torque. Audi Q5 has a torsen type C open differential permanent 4WD system (40 front:60 rear) with upto 80% front/rear torque capability (100% with ESP unless disengaged 80%).

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    H&R 29036-1 Front/Rear Lifting Springs

    Service History & Related Threads

    AWD firmware update & Engine /AT transmission ECU firmware update at 15,000km
    ABS/VSA firmware update at 25,000km
  1. Having applied the H&R lifting springs, the CR-V drives perfect on humps, on potholes, when cruising, and when off road. The springs have even fixed the small pulling to the left problem I had.
    The lifting springs have made my CR-V to match the ground clearance of more prestigious SUVs (20cm) like an Audi Q5. Most importantly, my wife loves it because it looks good, drives better and she has more ground clearance if she ever needs it. I will also have more ground clearance to play with when taking it for an off road excursion. Now I love my CR-V, even more. Something I really needed.. May not be a necessity for most but it was for me.
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  2. If you get her dressed up she will look like a more expensive SUV. She just needs 235/60 R18 M+S tyres and H&R +3 cm suspensions reaching 20cm ground clearance. Quality of build and reliability is there as she was made by Honda in UK. For me she just needs these 2 upgrades. Almost perfect. My wife has stole her from me but I get to drive her every afternoon/evening when I take the kids out.

    If you like this car, wait to see the 5th Generation. Gorgeous.
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      Correction 225/60 R18 M&S (235 is wider than what the rims accept - max 225mm wide).
      PanayiotisPal, Sunday 2nd Oct, 2016
  3. She does look lovely. Polished metal metallic really suits her :Thumbup:
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      It is nice. I also thought that this was the best colour for the CR-V. I have a question though. Is it her and she because it is not a matcho AWD SUV??? but only mild/soft/gentle AWD system?? that needs some more punch in order to become a he/him :Smile: Can you please enlighten me because English is not my first language :Smile: ?? Thanks
      PanayiotisPal, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
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      In Britain, we tend to refer to all cars, boats, ships etc. as "female" - so she and her. No idea why...we just do! We are a strange people...
      FirstHonda, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
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      Cheers :Smile:
      PanayiotisPal, Wednesday 10th Jun, 2015
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      her? I need to check that. :Smile: It was about the right time after all my posts. Thanks
      PanayiotisPal, Friday 5th Jun, 2015
  4. Yes I felt bad for not posting. Better late than never.
  5. Finally we get to see your AWD CR-V :Smile::Tongue:
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