CR-V Black
Daily Driver Owned by musicman580

  • Daily Driver

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Changed from fitted 19" Alloys To:
    Dezent 18"
  1. Superb looking car, very gangstar. :toarms:
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  2. Coming soon....................................Colour Coding Bumpers / Trim
    Cheers :money:
  3. Wicked body kit!! Really like the side steps. Good project done!
  4. Lovely car. Can you add a side shot with you new wheels? It took me 2 attempts to see them and they look great.
    1. musicman580 Avatar
      Added another two pics showing side view !
      musicman580, Wednesday 17th Aug, 2016
    2. Racy Jace Avatar
      Cheers buddy. They do look fab!
      Racy Jace, Thursday 18th Aug, 2016
  5. Hi FirstHonda
    Re the stickers I have one on the back window as well (will post a pic) !
    The wheels were changed for the following; as it was a bit fidgety ride with the not so smooth roads - I have a caravan and I'm often going along dirt track roads etc PLUS the future cost of replacement tyres were a factor! Though I liked the wheels in essence practicality took over !!
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  6. Got new wheels (& stickers) !!
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      I see you chose the 'OEM' location for the HK stickers LOL!!

      Looks great. What was the reason for the wheel change?
      FirstHonda, Monday 8th Aug, 2016
  7. Smashing RE6. :Niceone:
    Please post some interior pictures @musicman580 :Photographer:
  8. The 'Black Edition' is certainly a looker...:likeit:
  9. I have moved this CR-V from Other Hondas models to the 4th Generation section.