CR-X 1.6 16v
Previously Owned Owned by tino

  • This was my very first car, which I got with the usual rusty arches, sills, etc. I had that all replaced and rewelded, then fully resprayed in red (I think it was a BMW red). Had it for a few years, took it on my first trip to the Nurburgring. Sold it to a guy from my town who rolled it a month later :Frown:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    VT full leather seats, 15 Rota wheels in bronze, after market exhaust and a 30mm drop with springs.
  1. Yeah it was, although by the time I sold it the dreaded rust was beginning to bubble up at the arches again.

    Best D16 I've ever used
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  2. wow.. looks to be in pretty great condition but sad to hear about its demise! :no:
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