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  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Almost every OEM extra optioned on this car. Dynamic +, Comfort pack, Electra wheels and CR-Z plate
  1. She's looking pristine Samantha. Great to see a Honda with all the extras on.
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  2. These are such a sweet looking car, such a shame they never made a proper hot version with a K20. I think they made these few years too early aswell as they probably would have been ideal with the new earth dreams turbo engines.
    1. Samantha Avatar
      The K20 is too tall and a relatively heavy engine. However I agree - they should have had one version which meets the under 100g limit to be free from congestion charge, and then put a DOHC version of the engine in the GT. Knowing what was possible with the old B16 engine, they should have been able to have 200bhp equivalent with a DOHC and battery assist. Would have made it an absolute hoot.
      Samantha, Tuesday 3rd Feb, 2015
  3. More photographs please. You have a superb collection of Hondas.
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