Crate Moss
Backup Car Owned by jimjams

  1. Did it ever get new wheel bearings, or does it sound as bad as it looks?
    1. jimjams Avatar
      yep, and I took out both pads on all 4 corners, cleaned up the discs and calipers and greased the sliders, the car was in excellent condition underneath, I had a look. Only sour point was those ridiculous bushes on the front of the lower wishbone.
      jimjams, Saturday 3rd Sep, 2016
  2. It's in very good condition though, no rust anywhere (except where there are a few scrapes to the paintwork), life under a carport for two years has done it no harm, indeed whilst you can't put lipstick on a pig, an unpolished Accord 2.4 requires no lipstick to show a clean pair of heels
  3. Shameful you have the honour of the most neglected car on the HK garage. get a wash shave whatever poor car.

    You need to have a licence to own a Honda after seeing that. :thumbdown:
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  4. Well the snails and cats seem to like your CM2
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  5. I think that's what it needs :taunt:
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  6. the Albanians might use sandpaper on it
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  7. Please take this to your local Albanians it hurts my eyes :crazyeyes:
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