Dailly work in progress
Daily Driver Owned by Ash_euror

  • Grey euro r unusual colour for a euro r also has keyless entry that actually works jdm gem there. Is a project for next few years for me as only had it a week but love it already.
  1. The reflash also deletes the jdm speed limiter
  2. Let me know if you want a remap.unless your going crazy power
    1. Ash_euror Avatar
      Sorry for late reply I not been on over the weekend. Im looking to sc or super charge next year so will be doing lots but atm it's stuck to 112mph very annoying flash or new ecu needed to clear it I believe
      Ash_euror, Sunday 26th Jun, 2016
  3. Welcome
    Join the euro r club,mine is championship white,with a massive mod list
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    1. Ash_euror Avatar
      Hopefully mine will have a massive mod list in the future. Need to do all my research first seems best place for it :Smile:
      Ash_euror, Monday 20th Jun, 2016
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