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  • Hello everyone !!
    I always loved a shape of VII gen. I was willing to buy Euro R from Japan but price tag don't justify what car offers. So I started looking at 2.4 Type-S, facelift models with all extras they can offer, for less than half price comparing to Euro R. After few months of searching I found It. My pride and joy. Bought Accord over 2 years ago with 120k on clock.

    2006 Accord Euro Type-S (CL9)

    - ECU reflased by Littlebo
    - J’s Racing SPL fan thermo switch
    - Motul X-Cess 8100 5W40
    - New Timing chain and tensioner, pending

    - K&N Panel filter in OEM Air box
    - 68mm->65mmThrotle Body from Odyssey 3.5 V6
    - TB heater switch off
    - HONDATA heatshield

    - Standard OEM with catalyst
    - Fujitsubo Legalis R in future or custom
    - 4-2-1 Racoon Exhaust with HFC in future

    - Manual 6 speed
    - Exedy Stage 1 Clutch
    - F1Racing 5.1kg flywheel
    - CT Engineering short shift
    - Gearbox rebuild with shorter gears, lets see what future brings :Wink:
    - Insane Drive shafts 500HP rate, cancelled :Tongue:
    - Harder engine mounts, still searching

    - Tein Super Street - 40mm

    Winter: 17" OEM Enkei Euro-R/TypeS, Nokian WR Runflat 225/45
    Summer: 18" TenzoR model DC5, 225/40 Goodyear F1 Eagle

    - Two piston calliper and 320mm disc size, from VIII gen ATS 2.4
    - Braised HEL brake lines
    - New rear calipers with EBC rotors and TRW brake pads

    - Type-S/Euro R
    - HIC roof rear wing
    - Mugen style visors
    - Tinted rear and front windows

    -Depo Racing 2in1 oil temp and pressure gauge
    - FN2 gear :tut:
    - Accessory boot mat 08U45-SEA-600
    -New OEM floor mats
    - New OEM pedal set from Euro R:
    - 17800-SEA-R01
    - 46545-SEA-R01
    - 46992-S6M-R00
    - Still looking for accessory door sills 08F05-SEA-610 :Frown:

    - Premium Sound System 6cd
    - Vibe Slick 800W amp
    - Vibe BlackAir 69 535W speakers at the back.

    To many pictures overall, so small short cut :Smile:

    April 2013


    Two months after i bought the car.
    First modification improving drive and presentation Tein Super Street in good condtion :Grin:


    Spring 2014


    Summer 2015
    New rims 18" Tenzo DC5. Strong and light :Smile:



    Before and after suspension installation :Grin:



    Winter 2015
    New brake power - 320mm disc size, two piston caliper from VIII ATS :Grin:

    Euro R pedal set :Smile:

  1. Hello mate, nice car with some good mods on already, where the front calipers from the accord Vlll a straight forward fit?
    1. Shantillas Avatar
      Hello. Cheers, mods will be more in future but no so crazy. Baby in the way :Grin:
      Yes calipers are direct fit from 8 gen of accord. Also plug and play for Civic FN2 etc. Can source set for you if interested.
      Shantillas, Sunday 17th Apr, 2016
  2. Looks pretty awesome,do you have pictures with the oem 17 wheels on the tein super street -40mm ?
    1. Shantillas Avatar
      Unfortunately i can't find any at the moment. next month I'm sending my Tenzo wheels for refurb. So I will take some Pictures.
      Shantillas, Thursday 14th Apr, 2016
  3. BTW I'd advice AGAINST going for hard mounts @DeviateDefiant tried them in his and they led to lots of vibrations throughout the car.
  4. I'm liking this Project Log very much, some nice mods done and even nicer ones pending. :Grin:

    I'm also going to be doing a short ratio gearbox mod, I have everything for it, just need to actually find the time to do it !
    1. Shantillas Avatar
      Thank You. There is loads of modification plans, but also I don't want throw money, when there is more important things. About engine mounts I think i will just use OEM and use glue to make them stiffer, also install a engine torque damper.
      Shantillas, Sunday 3rd Apr, 2016
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