Daily Driven V6 Accord Coupe
Daily Driver Owned by 2011accordstealth

  • I graduated and upgraded to a V6 accord coupe. So far stock, my fiirst mod will be my Apexi throttle controller and then simple mods, CAI, CBE and maybe some suspension
  1. IT DOES, its more of a change you need to observe for than feel. In the 4 banger it was more intense bcuz that was a 4 that i was forcing as much power as i cud get out of it. What it does is change the signal and % of pedal travel sent to the throttle computer and then to the ecu. Each mode is different, eco modes are self expiatory. However the three i cycle between behave differently. Red gives a quicker accel through the higher rpms but when you shift it keeps the rams in the "sweet spot" of the torque and power curve. So red would be for straights and highway driving. Purple it increases the rpm frequency in the low end giving you a quick off the line jump and a more linear delivery of power, good for all around spirited driving and such. Yellow, i call it "turbo mode" because it emulates the slight lag in power delivery and then your hit with power. It did make the vote phase more intense, ik this may be in depth but it feels like theres resistance in the pedal and the VTEC engages and then you FLY, since it has a slower throttle response down low use it when your carving corners, mid corner ill slam the pedal and it'll jump up to the start of the torque curve and just rockert out of the corner. to make a long story short, it works and each mode as its own application, as for improvement, its hard to put into words you'd need to drive to see how it feels. I highly recommend it though as a bang for your buck mod.
  2. Great looking Coupe :Thumbup:

    Out of curiosity does the Apexi Controller actually work ? How much of a difference does it make ?
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