daily driver
Daily Driver Owned by bassface

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    boot build consists of home made mdf casing, 15" kicker comp (1500w ), 15" in phase (1800w), lanzar competition 6 farad power capacitor, lanzar 5000w 2 channel amplifier, main power cable 4awg, secondary power cables ( cap to amp ) 8awg, standard head unit in car, hi-low signal converter used for rca connection.
  1. 3rd phase of boot build coming soon
  2. Cool ICE install !
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      @SpeedyGee 8th Generation Civic in 8th Generation Accord :Wink:
      legend-ary, Friday 6th May, 2016
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      SpeedyGee, Friday 6th May, 2016
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