Daily Driver
Daily Driver Owned by CozLogo

  1. Rare little thing, hope you look after it!
  2. I've recently purchased this little beast for £500, After a good Hoover and wipe down and a quick wash it's like new, few battle scars from the Supermarket car park brawls but it's in pretty good nick!

    One thing that's wrong with it is the passenger side window switches don't work on the passenger side door or on the driver side either, any ideas what this could be? Could it be loose wiring to the motor? I don't want to be taking the door card off without any idea ha! Any help would be appreciated, Also I don't know if this has had a replacement Cam Belt, It's got 90k on at the minute been regularly services by previous owner, Is there any way of finding out? Also my radio says "disc" on it does this mean there is a disc changer? If so where is it? Haha!

    Cheers in advance!
    1. exec Avatar
      windows might be just fuses
      exec, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      with the disc it might not have one, but the stereo will have option for one which you can fit onto it
      exec, Thursday 24th Mar, 2016
  3. She looks fabulous. What plans do you have for her?
    1. CozLogo Avatar
      Just a tidy up really, don't think I'm going to alter the ride height as it's quiet a comfy drive at the minute, I'm thinking maybe some Honda Fan Alloys some decent all weather tyres and light upgrades just a tidy up as it would be a shame to alter its looks!
      CozLogo, Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2016
    2. Nels Avatar
      You've got a special little Honda there, so that sounds good.
      Nels, Friday 25th Mar, 2016