Daily Driver
Daily Driver Owned by Lango

  • Owned for 6 months after 25 years of company cars. Bad back means the auto is great and so is the high driving position. Bit thirsty but worth it.
  1. Seems to be a common pairing! I have a 2nd Generation MX5 too!
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    1. Lango Avatar
      Would have liked an S2000 but a bit too expensive to do 600 miles a year!
      Lango, Tuesday 15th Mar, 2016
  2. Nice CR-V. Also like your wee mx5...very similar to mine :Smile:
    1. Lango Avatar
      Thanks. Thinking about putting the 5 away for winter for the 1st time. Normally keep it on the road but now I have 4wd might be wiser.
      Lango, Monday 17th Nov, 2014
    2. Sprockutt Avatar
      I was considering running mine over the winter for the first time this year. But bought a wee Honda Logo for about the same price of a hardtop. So it's now tucked away for winter.
      Sprockutt, Monday 17th Nov, 2014