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  1. Couple of pics of the alloys fitted. They make such a difference to the appearance of the car. Really pleased with them.
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  2. Finally collected my Epsilons today and got them fitted. Unfortunately it was too dark to take any pictures by the time i had finished but ill get some up this week. Doing an engine oil change tomorrow then I'm off to Centre Parcs in Woburn in it on Friday.

    One thing i missed off my "jobs done" list was i replaced all the interior lights and the door lights with LED lamps. They are a massive improvement on the old bulbs and I accidentally left the front light on for 28 hours over Christmas and it didn't drain the battery.
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  3. I found a few more pictures of my tourer and thought I'd list a few of the things I've done to it and some I'm planning. When I get my new alloys fitted I'll take some more pictures.

    Heiko wind deflectors front and back
    Brake calipers painted gloss black
    Honeycomb grille from a Type-S
    Bluetooth Xcarlink and USB charging point in the drop down cubby hole
    New discs and pads all round and new calipers at the back.
    Air Con re-gassed.
    New genuine Honda exhaust system fitted.
    Pistonheads stickers applied front and rear..... I have the same username on there if anyone uses it too.

    To do:
    Fit the 17 inch Epsilon wheels that are currently being refurbished at a paint shop near me.
    Fix the 12v power socket in the boot that hasn't worked since I've owned the car.
    Full engine service and gearbox fluid change.
    Rear windows tinted to keep my mountain bike gear out of sight of prying eyes.
    Give the leather seats a good feed to keep them looking fresh
    Repair a few parking dents and scuffs
    New floor mats
    Boot liner to stop my muddy cycling gear from ruining the boot carpet
    Find an exhaust trim to replace the one I lost when I got my new system fitted last year.
    I've read that the headlights for the facelift accord are a direct fit to my model I'd like to upgrade them if that's the case.
  4. Should have the wheels back by Friday.
  5. Epsilons look great on a 7th Generation. Looking forward to seeing them on your Accord.
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  6. I tried but I got a brilliant finish with the paint but couldn't get the laquer to finish as well as I wanted.
  7. Why don't you repair them yourself?
  8. I'm really excited about getting my Epsilons fitted. I've had them sitting in my garage for about a year.
  9. Look forward to seeing a regular build log on her
  10. At the moment it's a work in progress alongside my real project ( a rotten Land Rover discovery) but it's got Heiko wind deflectors, Bluetooth Xcarlink recently fitted, it's now got the grille from a Type-S and I'm having a set of Epsilons cleaned up and painted to fit to it. It's a little rough round the edges with some scratches and dents but I plan on getting that all sorted then a major detail.
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