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  • My new car, got it 03/01/2015 with 161000 miles, its driving better than cars I've driven with 20k on them lol. Previous owner looked after car very well, so hopefully it will be nice and reliable for me. This is my everyday day, will be driving everywhere.

    Car passed MOT today 3rd March 2015, performed very well in all the tests.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    New alloy wheels fitted to replace the original Honda wheels due to them having flakey paint.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Service History since getting it 3rd Jan 2015

    New rear brake pads
    Handbrake adjusted
    Air Filter
    Pollen Filter
    A/C Regas / Service
    Alternator Belt
    2 new tyres
    Clutch pedal height adjusted, slave cylinder smear of silicone grease
    New Clutch pedal and brake pedal rubbers to replace half worn pedal rubbers
  1. Clutch is slipping again, also need an aux belt fitted. I've been reading up on these Accord i-ctdi cars and I think that I made a mistake buying one. I only have the car a week and its probably going to take over £1000 to put it right. I should have stuck with my wee Toyota Celica VVti, it was trouble free. It seems to me that Honda i-ctdi Diesels are a ticking time bomb, I really don't know what to do, if I fix the clutch there is a VSA unit that could go wrong next, which is another massive repair. Not happy, The engine is like silk, gear change like silk, but intermittently slipping. It didn't slip the day I road tested it. I'm probably going to have to sell it at a loss and maybe put my old 1993 Honda Civic on the road until such time I can buy something reliable.

    I've read that clutches can fail on these cars at 30k - 60k miles, at the price Honda charge for clutch replacement + labour I can now understand why so many are being scrapped. I'm feeling quite disgusted to be honest. Any other car I ever had a clutch replacement didn't cost the earth, any mechanic could do the work and parts and labour was around £250.
    1. jimmy1973gb Avatar
      Clutch is no longer slipping, I put some silicone grease on the slave cylinder, I don't know if that cured the problem or if the clutch was glazed. All I know is for the past week and a bit the clutch has been perfect, no slippage, so hoping it stays that way :Smile:
      jimmy1973gb, Tuesday 24th Feb, 2015
    2. jimmy1973gb Avatar
      Car passed MOT today 3rd March 2015, Clutch still not slipping so I think all is well with the clutch.

      Plan on fitting a Parrot handsfree kit, also going to wire the satnav behind the dash to free up front power socket.
      jimmy1973gb, Tuesday 3rd Mar, 2015
  2. Looks really clean for a high mileage car. Good find bud.
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  3. The car had new timing chains, injectors, exhaust manifold at 60k on Honda Warranty, but its still on its original clutch with 161k miles. I noticed a litle clutch slip, so looked it up on here and found out how to adjust the cruise control switch back a little to let the clutch fully disengage, now the clutch slip has disappeared, so very happy about that :Smile:
  4. I've had a 3rd Generation Accord that I took upto 225K and it still drove like new LOL

    Hondas you gotta love 'em :Laughing:

    Keep up the servicing and she'll serve you well.
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  5. Congratulations on your new girl! :Happy:
    Do tell us more about her, with lots of photographs too.
    Whilst you're at it, don't forget to tell us more about you as well, in the Introduce Yourself section.
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