Daily Driver
Daily Driver Owned by redsectora

  • Executive ictdi with full heated leather interior,Sat Nav,6 cd Changer,17" Alloys etc

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    17" Epsilon Alloy Wheels,
    Rear Boot Lip Spoiler,
    GENUINE Honda replacement exhaust manifold

    Service History & Related Threads

  1. Like the car. Especially the centre caps on those alloys. Getting mine chromed next week and like the idea of red centre caps :Smile:
    1. redsectora Avatar
      Thanks there just vinyl decals but look effective
      redsectora, Friday 3rd Apr, 2015
    2. redsectora Avatar
      Like the colour of yrs
      redsectora, Friday 3rd Apr, 2015
  2. She looks in lovely condition especially for that mileage. Tell us more about her.
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    1. redsectora Avatar
      Thanks! just had the upgraded exhaust manifold fitted (because of cracked weld and fumes etc)It now does more to the gallon and cleaning the egr valve has helped too . everything works and I intend to keep forever n ever lol
      redsectora, Sunday 29th Mar, 2015
  3. Flat caps in the glove box lol
  4. Yep got a free whippet when I bought it lol
  5. A Yorkshire reg :clap:
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  6. Lovely looking Accord in Nighthawk Black :Smile::Thumbup:
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