Daily driver
Daily Driver Owned by JayBenny

  • Navigation and Aero pack
  1. hello jaybenny was wondering if you can help me find some parts for 2010 CR-V email me ****address removed by Moderator, Please use PM ****
    thank you.
  2. That looks great, the colour/wheel/sidestep combination works really well.

    Lovely and shiny too :clap:
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    1. JayBenny Avatar
      Thanks I thought it kinda married the front and back together. And helped to man it up a bit :Smile:
      JayBenny, Thursday 7th May, 2015
  3. That's a very clean CR-V Jason.
    Please tell us about her and add more photographs.
    1. JayBenny Avatar
      Will do Nels, I'm going for a factory special look if possible. Slightly altered and better. Tuned with a oem look. Hope to get some scenic pics done soon
      JayBenny, Thursday 7th May, 2015
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