daily driver
Garaged Owned by andy sinclair

  • Have had this car ten years hasn't missed a beat, I love it and I am a keen detailer, have just applied c quartz and it keeps it in great condition.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

  1. @Staff 7th Generation Accord in 7th Generation Civic section.
  2. She's a well kept CL7. Thank you for sharing.
  3. She looks brilliant @andy sinclair :clap:

    Do pop by the 'detailing' section of the forum and let us know your favourite products, recommendations etc. Plenty of threads for you to get involved with, I'm sure!
    1. andy sinclair Avatar
      thanks for your kind comments,i will have a look at the detailing section and gladly share any recommendations or advice i can give.
      andy sinclair, Friday 20th Nov, 2015
  4. That's one clean motor, loving how the engine bay is gleaming.

    OK, I admit to looking at your profile to see where you were so I can ask you to come and do mine if your were close by :Grin:
    1. andy sinclair Avatar
      cheers for your kind attention about my pride and joy,i must admit once you get the worst of the dirt off it is quiet quick and easy to maintain a clean engine bay but the outside is another matter but cquartz helps a lot the dirt just can't cling to the car that easy and washes of easily.
      andy sinclair, Friday 20th Nov, 2015
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