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    Service history
    6/12/2010 12859 miles Full Service
    8/12/0211 20021 miles " "
    13/12/2012 31253 miles " "
    16/12/2013 37380 miles " " replaced both front tyres
    16/12/2014 45300 miles " "
    1/4/2015 48797 miles " " replaced both rear tyres
    These services was carried out by the original owner.

    CR-V bought on 17/9/2015 mileage was 51158 miles
    fitted Pure Highway dab receiver from my last motor.
    only had one key so got a replacement for it, ( Will make shore i don't loose mine )
    9/2/2016 52132 miles Had to get new battery
  1. The petrol CR-V is a bit under rated IMHO. I've just posted some details about the Which? reliability survey in the 'general discussion' section which shows it is more reliable than the diesel version too, although the gap is far smaller for the third gen than with the fourth...
  2. Yes your right it is beige leather your also right about the colour because I found agenuine colour stone chip pen in the back urban titanium so will have to change in the garage
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  3. yes it is beige leather although in VR5 says silver for the colour, I think i like your discription best urban titanium sounds realy nice:Bye:
  4. Very nice. That looks like 'urban titanium' which is a colour that suits the CR-V very well. Do I spy beige leather as well? A lovely combination.

  5. This is my first Honda had a couple of months realy pleased so far thanks for all that welcomed me vik
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