Daily Driver
Daily Driver Owned by BobLell

  • Ex Met Police, but seems to have been looked after well!
  1. Have had to sell due to the trouble and strife thinking its not comfortable enough, ended up with a Tiguan! Will be back one day!
  2. Ex Police ... hmm in that colour it must have been an under cover car :Grin:
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  3. She looks mighty fine from that shot, :morephotos:
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    1. BobLell Avatar
      Will try and get some more shots
      BobLell, Sunday 27th Dec, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      She does look in decent nick ;-)

      (A few of the new shots had gone on twice, so I've tidied it up for you.)
      Nels, Wednesday 30th Dec, 2015
  4. That's a very clean and shiny looking CR-V @BobLell :Smile:

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