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Daily Driver Owned by speeding_ant

  • JDM Accord Type-S Wagon. ECU reflash to make life a little more exciting.

    Has the premium sound system. Doesn't come with the out-dated navigation system. Doesn't have automatic boot opener. Removing all the extras saves weight :Innocent:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Completed modifications:

    • GROM iPhone connector + Bluetooth, AUX & USB.
    • Towball + electrics
    • Removal of resonator
    • ECU re-flash
    • LED Lighting
    • Lowered + new shocks
    • CU2 front brakes

    Planned modifications:

    • Repaint of front bumper
  1. This is damn lovely, absolutely brilliant looking car!
  2. Lowered the car with new shocks, and upgraded the brakes to CU2 brakes. Much nicer :Smile:
  3. I used to wonder what was above the road there on the way up to Otaki. Used to be a load of hang gliding around there IIRC.
  4. Nice type-s and bikes! Facelift looks sick and clean, nothing to add.
    How many bikes you can fit on that rack, crazy :Grin:
    1. speeding_ant Avatar
      Cheers! You can safely chuck 4 bikes on there, but any more and you'd need to make a pretty sturdy strap setup. Problem is, the spoiler kind of gets in the way...
      speeding_ant, Sunday 15th Feb, 2015
  5. Really nice Accord you have.
    Those alloys are really nice and suits the car so good.
  6. Automatic or not, she's still a smashing Accord. Love the photographs. A great background for you CM2.
  7. Is this automatic?
    1. speeding_ant Avatar
      Yeah... unfortunately the JDM wagons never shipped with manual as far as I know. At least it's not a bad auto.
      speeding_ant, Saturday 10th Jan, 2015
  8. Gave it a towball today - now I rack up some bikes and go exploring :jock:
  9. That's a very nice looking Typs-S Tourer you have @speeding_ant

    Loving the scenery too.
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    1. speeding_ant Avatar
      The road to get there is pretty fun too ;-)
      speeding_ant, Monday 24th Nov, 2014
  10. Really nice looking Tourer there, K24 Type-S are pretty rare in Facelift.

    By Type-R pedals do you mean the Euro-R CL7 or another set?
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      They won't fit mate, different accelerator pedal :Smile:
      DeviateDefiant, Monday 24th Nov, 2014
    3. speeding_ant Avatar
      Ah, stink. Know of any decent replacements that don't cost the earth?
      speeding_ant, Monday 24th Nov, 2014
    4. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      AFAIK, we use a completely difference accelerator pedal to other models. The Euro-R sets are the only drop-in replacements, check my garage pages and you'll find some info on it there.

      The yanks have a few aftermarket options but as they're LHD they won't fit our Accords.
      DeviateDefiant, Monday 24th Nov, 2014
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