Daily Driver Owned by mcgowanp

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Standard sport 150.very few toys compared to my last ex.no mods yet. Garmin Nuivicam satnav dashcam hardwired. Garmin Bc30 reverse camera linked to Nuivicam
  1. colour is beautiful
    1. mcgowanp Avatar
      Thanks @Geezynese .i was sold on it when i seen it.
      mcgowanp, Friday 1st Jul, 2016
  2. The 8th Generation looks great in Cobalt Blue.
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  3. Love the interior design of the 8th Generation, so stylish and classy looking.
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  4. Unless the grades are different, that doesn't look like a Type-S to me...more like the ES GT we get in the UK?
    1. mcgowanp Avatar
      Its lower grade than ES GT also.its just up from es i think. Not sure why its called a Type-S but it is registered as that. There is quite a few of them here.don't think this model is in the uk..
      mcgowanp, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
    2. FirstHonda Avatar
      Aha! That explains it - at least you have the higher powered engine.
      FirstHonda, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
    3. mcgowanp Avatar
      Negative it is standard 150bhp.higher than my i-ctdi though..a little
      mcgowanp, Sunday 24th Apr, 2016
  5. A Type-S 8th Generation...nice!