Darth Vader - 2016 Black Edition
Daily Driver Owned by Rob T

  1. :boss::clap:Your name matches your car
    where did you get your alloys? Are they 19"? Are they available in other sizes??
    I have a 2.2 version of this car with 19" Orion's though they are great I am probably looking to change to smaller wheels!:beach:
    PS your car looks terrific
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    1. Rob T Avatar
      Thanks mate,
      they're the 19" Nux (I think) alloys, come as standard on the 2016 Black Edition
      Rob T, Monday 9th May, 2016
  2. Impressive most impressive

    Defo would consider looking for one of these on the used market when we finish with our 3rd Generation
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  3. Looking forward to picking mines up on Monday. Looks great!!
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  4. What a beautiful CR-V ... it's definitely the most menacing one I've ever seen.
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    1. Rob T Avatar
      Thanks man, one week in & I still can't quite believe it's sitting in my driveway! (*locked garage if the insurance ask*)
      Rob T, Saturday 19th Mar, 2016
  5. May the force be with you:Yoda:
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  6. I saw the new Black Edition in a showroom a few weeks ago. Looks great.

    The leather seats in particular caught my eye - so much better than the previous perforated versions. They seemed to me to be much better quality.

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  7. Black Edition are the bees knees ! Darth Vadar is looking mean ! :Smile:
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