Daves Honda Civic Aerodeck (aka DD)
Weekend Toy Owned by crazydave

  • This is DD, my late wifes Civic Aerodeck that I now own. She spent years and a lot of money modding her, as the car was her baby! The car only had 32.000 miles on the clock when we got her, one family owned from new. Being the ES, it came with full black leather interior, headlamp washers, tinted glass etc.

    She didn't stay standard for long though! The most notable mod was the interior. Even though she came with the standard Honda leather interior, my wife had always wanted to get a full custom leather retrim done on a car. So DD was sent away to Transcal UK for a full custom leather retrim in nappa black and ink blue, with electric blue stitching. She also opted to have the Honda emblem embroidered in to the front seats in electric blue. The retrim also included all the door cards and the centre console.

    She also wanted to get the steering wheel done to match, but forgot to add it to the list at the time. After she passed away, I decided to buy an Integra DC2 steering wheel for the DD and sent that to Transcal to be retrimmed in the same leather as the interior, in two tone blue and black with electric blue stitching.

    My wife also got the optional front fogs fitted by Honda, and bought the now rare oem sunroof wind deflector and headlamp covers. Next up, she sent the car to RJM performance to have a full cat back Powerflow stainless steel exhaust made to her custom spec. Next, a rare aerodeck boot spoiler was fitted along with a VTiS front spoiler. A cat 1 alarm and immobilizer was also fitted to keep her safe! She also bought a set of 16 inch Cades dished alloys which she had always wanted for the car. Sadly, she passed away before seeing these fitted to the car. :-(

    The car has been with us for over 11 years now, and I have carried on modding it and am slowly turning it into a proper show car. I have since fitted MeisterR Zeta S fully adjustable suspension, wind deflectors front and rear, the Cades alloys now fitted, detailing done inside, detailing done in engine bay and new Pioneer USB/MP3/DAB head unit fitted. I also machined all the brake calipers smooth and resprayed them in blue. The rocker cover was also machined smooth to remove any casting lines/marks, and resprayed the same colour as the car with the "Honda" lettering metal polished.
    Future plans are a full respray in metal flake blue, more engine bay detailing including a stainless manifold, and full detailing underneath the car with all suspension arms etc being powder coated blue.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Front VTiS spoiler
    Rear VTiS boot spoiler
    OEM Headlamp protectors
    OEM front Fogs
    OEM sunroof wind deflector
    Climair side window wind deflectors
    Shortened roof arial

    Full custom leather retrim including seats, door panels and centre console by Transcal UK in nappa Black and ink blue leather with electric blue stitching/detailing.
    Honda emblem embroidered into seats.
    Custom stainless steel detailing added to dash.
    Custom stainless steel heater switch surrounds.
    Pioneer DAB/USB/MP3 head unit
    OEM stainless steel "Civic" door sill trims

    Full custom cat back stainless steel Powerflow exhaust
    Custom rocker cover in Orleans blue
    PWJDM anodized blue low profile fender bolts/washers
    PWJDM Anodized blue radiator bracket
    Custom anodized blue Air con radiator brackets
    Chrome rocker cover bolts
    Mugen Anodized blue oil filler cap
    Magnicor blue high performance ignition leads
    Heavy set hose set in blue (still to be fitted)

    MeisterR fully adjustable coilover suspension
    Cades 16" dished alloy wheels
    Pirelli tyres
    Brake calippers machined smooth and painted blue
    Hubs painted blue
  1. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Not done much to her lately, although with the sun coming out she'd been out and about a few times lately. Last drive I had last week, the attention she got was unbelievable! Flashed by quite a few other cars, followed by a thumbs up. Then when I parked her in the drive ready to go bakc in the garage, a guy pulled up at the drive gates and shouted me across. Asked me if she was for sale!!! lol Obviuosly said no, but he's keen to get one now. Seems she gets more attention than my old fully restored 3rd Generation Cortina gxl ever did!
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  2. lol thanks guys, nice to see her being appreciated. Got so much more planned for her, just time (and money!) getting in the way at the moment!
  3. Oh wow, some very well thought out, tasteful mods make this already rare MC1 a unique piece indeed. Really like it, hats off to your late wife for her love of the MC1.
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  4. very tasteful set of mods I must say. your wife's decision to go for the interior trim has transformed the car. Looks classy. your Integra wheel has completed the look! fantastic bit of kit and now i have an itch... im off to to gumtree
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