1. Stunning CU2, a credit to you!
  2. Matching white Accord and Jazz...lovely!

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  3. Looking superb in white, well done :Thumbup:
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  4. You've snapped up a good find there. :Niceone:
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  5. I just miss home.... :Sobbing:
  6. Accord with the proper engine, @John Dickson another white Accord with the right engine to run salt into your wounds. :crazyeyes:
  7. Hey.

    This is the last of the "european" Accords.

    We've now swapped over to the American Accord, they start at ZAR41700 for the 2.0l, ZAR480000 for the 2.4 and ZAR587000 for the 3.5 V6.
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  8. Whats the cost of these new now in SA?
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