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  • It is the facelift model that we bought brand new in 2007 for approx £6000 and now the used value of the car is £6015. On the face its quite similar to the UK Jazz specially the interior, engine and overall look but has quite a few things missing like ABS, Magic Seats etc. The car also rides much higher than UK spec due to roads in my home country being quite bumpy. This City was the first car from Honda that legitimately challenged the 1.3 Toyota Corolla in sales numbers and took the crown away from it as 2005 onwards Civic had engines larger than 1600cc which people found quite expensive to run. iDSI tech helped Honda steal sales from the competition at the time which was: Toyota Corolla Altis (E120 with 4E-FE), Suzuki Liana 1.3 and even the Suzuki Cultus (SF / 2nd Generation)

    Recently it has been converted to run on CNG.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Double Din Head Unit
    15inch Alloys
    Leather Seat Covers
    CNG Conversion
  1. The white tube that you see, with the pressure gauge in it, that is coming from the tank that is installed in the boot. where you see the two blue wires, thats the solenoid that enables to switch between petrol or cng and underneathe it is the 'kit' or the regulator from which the thick black pipe goes into the intake plumbing.

    Because there are days when CNG is not available, people like to run dual fuel in their cars. These new kits also start the engine on Petrol and after a few km switch to CNG as running solely on cng starves engine of lubrication provided by petrol (liquid).

    Kits are manufactured by Landirenzo (http://www.landi.it/layout.jsp?idz=60173&idtp=165&lang=3&idprodotto=16) and there is a controller in the cabin (first pic) that enables you to switch between fuels and also shows cng tank status.
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    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Keep an eye on your fuels trims (via OBD scanner) as these primitive CNG systems can easily run lean. Running lean is not good for the engine at all.
      SpeedyGee, Monday 7th Sep, 2015
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      @SpeedyGee yeah never really thought about that, unfortunately Honda doesn't do factory installed kits while Toyota and Suzuki are offering factor fitted kits which I believe have proper cooling and are of newer type. I'll ask my brother to keep an eye and send him a scanner too but do you think a non-EU model will have the OBD port?
      legend-ary, Monday 7th Sep, 2015
  2. The City is a very popular car in South Asia.
    Do you have any pictures of the CNG conversion, would love to see those if you do.
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      Yeah ill get you some photos by tomorrow. But yeah the City is just everywhere due to its size and efficiency its more popular than the Civic which only comes in 1.8 i-VTEC only.

      One interesting tid bid... only manual gearbox versions are converted to CNG. Ones equipped with CVTs (Called Vario) are left alone as initial ones that were converted destroyed their transmissions. It was the first ever CVT in the county so no one knew why. Regular autos run fine though.
      legend-ary, Friday 4th Sep, 2015
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