Daily Driver Owned by Masiv

  1. Lovely CW3. More picture please.
    I'd love to see your Civic in the Club Garage too:Wink:
    1. Masiv Avatar
      Thanks. Just not had the chance to clean or take pics. It's either raining or cold or both.
      I have 3rd Honda- with 2 wheels . . . but its in bits at present
      Masiv, Saturday 28th Nov, 2015
  2. All Honda household, like it ! :Thumbup:
  3. Yep my old Civic 1.8 se with leather. Passed it to the wife in place if her hyundai i30 diesel dieselcos she does mainly short journeys.
    I still like a drive in it myself once in a while but it is underpowered.
  4. Excellent choice, and in a good colour. I spy a Civic in the background as well...:Smile:
    1. Masiv Avatar
      Doh. . Managed to post my reply in the wrong place
      Masiv, Tuesday 10th Nov, 2015
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