Dirty Diana
Daily Driver Owned by 96_Gypsy_Husar

  • Soo here is an update ... Back in october i got a suspension for about a month ... Then got back to driving in november, ended up buying rims and 3 days later ended up driving on nov Friday the 13th and a lady was about to cross the street i dodged her and set me wiping out hit a car with my rear end, slid onto the curb, wheel flew off went thru a sprots bar window, and then hit a parked car ... No one was injured... But i got charged for dangerous driving for trying to get out of dangers way....
  1. Damn, what a shame. So sorry mate!!
  2. You got a suspension then managed to total the car shortly afterwards? A sorry end to a nice car.
  3. whoa! that is a big impact!
  4. Glad no one was hurt, shame the car came to this end.
  5. That was nice looking RL. Sorry to hear of it's final demise.