Daily Driver Owned by wing

  • Hi all this is my
    Daily driver
    Hope u all like it :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Lowered on eibach springs
    Rear camber adjustable
    power flow Custom made due exit
    18" calibre GTR wheels
    bridgestone adrenalin re002
    Full system Alpine Type-R front com /rear alpine Type-R 6x9
    Genesis 5 channel amp
    12"orion sub
    Type-R gear :tut: + Genuine Type-R badges
    Double din conversion with pioneer AVH-940BT+Reversing cam
    full led inside out
    6k hid+head light protectors+DRLS
    TEAM HEKO Wind deflectors
    Full add on lips and side skirts
    extra lip on the front
    HIC roof spoiler
    mugen duck back spoiler

    Hope it's not boring you guys :Grin:
  1. Hey Wing where you at? :morephotos:
  2. Nice motor buddy, can you tell us where you got the lower front lip and was there much hassle in fitting it?
  3. Im not the only one with kitesurfing in my car photos!
  4. I absolutely love this, just looks pure mean :Smile:

    Can I ask where you got your top spoiler, how much it was and how do you attach it as interested in getting one myself.
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    1. wing Avatar
      Thanks :Smile:
      The spoiler was from australia:Smile:
      +Shipping was £120
      Just stuck on with double sided tape
      wing, Friday 17th Apr, 2015
    2. wing Avatar
      And it's genuine hic
      wing, Friday 17th Apr, 2015
  5. Some nice mods there Wing. Like it !
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  6. Quite surprised how that sounds for a diesel - has a nice little throaty growl to it.
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    1. wing Avatar
      Louder when on boost while driving gonna get a go pro and stick it on the back and need one for the front intake sound :Smile:
      wing, Monday 15th Dec, 2014
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      That actually sounds pretty nice!
      DeviateDefiant, Monday 15th Dec, 2014
    3. wing Avatar
      Test vid get some sort of idea
      Believe or not
      My sister says u can hear low deep down hum
      from in side the house
      wing, Monday 15th Dec, 2014
  7. Can you post up a audio clip/video of the exhaust - I am curious now what it sounds like too.
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    1. wing Avatar
      Will do later on:Smile:
      I still have the rear boxes of not sounds too stupid if u know what I mean:Smile:
      wing, Monday 15th Dec, 2014
    2. wing Avatar
      Have look tell what you think:Smile:
      wing, Monday 15th Dec, 2014
  8. the exhust sounds good man:Grin: after the de-cat sounds like a petrol car now on the higher revs

    thanks k24 cl9 guy
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  9. Very nice
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  10. You don't find many modded CN1s, how does the exhaust sound with the custom exit pipes Wing?
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    1. wing Avatar
      wing, Thursday 21st May, 2015
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      For a diesel that actually sounds amazing!
      DeviateDefiant, Friday 22nd May, 2015
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