EK9 White 1999
Daily Driver Owned by Samuka88

  • Type-R-X, with AC, SRS, ABS, Electric Mirrors and windows.
    Standard B16B engine no oil burning with 100000 miles on Millers 5w40
    Standard AIR Box intake
    Genuine Mugen exhaust line + Twinloop
    Standard dampers + unknown lower springs
    KN square air intake filter
    Idrium IX heat 7 NGK Sparkplugs
    RAZO pedals
    Takata green (front) and black (rear) seatbelt Shoulder covers
    OEM Red Recaros, interiors and exterior

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Sony Touch Screen Bluetooth Radio and DVD Player + Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Mirroring with Google Maps Navigation

    Service History & Related Threads

    TORQUE GT Devon inspection after import
    Next MOT test in March 2016
  1. Lads, i moved to France. I am going to export my EK9 registration to Portugal but i will live and drive it in France. Maybe we can meet in the 24hLe Mans or in a Japfest or Euromeet or even SPA or Nurburgring. I still have great friends in UK :Smile:

    About my EK9...
    Have cut the air entry pipe and removed ressonators. Made a hole in the bumper, covered with metal net. KN square air filter.. still looking OEM ;-)

    Speed limiter removed keeping OEM PCT ECU

    Meister R Zeta S 8/6 Kgf 32 damping ajustable

    Decat pipe

    Power stickers: ADVAN, Gran Turismo, SENNA

    Dyno run: 188.3 bhp --- 190.9 HP

    Healthy B16B and proud of it

    Near future : Tegiwa TODA replica manifold, baffle oil sump plates, ADVAN ad08r tyres, TAKATA 4 point
  2. I have been in Japfest2. Only now i checked here in the forum. I talked as well to a NSX owner there. 3rd NSX i have seen until the moment.

    I just got meister R S coilovers.

    Aiming for a Speed Limiter Defencer HKS!
  3. nice looking car you got there :Smile:
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  4. Superb, will always be the best CTR generation.
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  5. That's looking pretty mint ! :Thumbup:
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  6. She looks in fantastic condition, one of my all-time favourite Hondas. Very tasteful modifications!
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