Daily Driver Owned by Gabyosborn

  • My daily driven EK9, imported 2 years ago. She had a B18c-R put in roughly 6 months ago. I haven't had her long but got lots of plans so far!
  1. Great looking CTR. :Niceone:
    Do keep us updated.
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  2. Cool, keep us posted buddy.

    Put stuff in your Project Log :Smile:
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  3. Thank you! She's my first honda, so not wanting to fiddle to much until I've learnt a bit more about them but I need to sort out a new ECU first as the last owner put a b16 one in so I think I'm going to run a chipped p28 ecu. Then will be looking at coilovers and wheels before I start changing a few things under the bonnet :Smile:
  4. Fab looking EK9, looks in top nick.

    What plans do you have for her ?
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