Electron Blue EM1
Daily Driver Owned by ScottCivic

  • Bought it in early 2014 with intentions to use straight away. But with bushes, cv joints and brakes being nackered it was time to overhaul what I could. Finally passed its MOT April '15 with no advisories :Grin:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Wind Deflectors
    Japspeed 4-1 2.5" manifold
    FP Racing Resonated Decat
    Planet Performance 2.5" custom cat back
    Fully Polybushed
    Ebay induction kit
    Short shifter
    Baffle kit
    Weighted gear :tut:
    Mugen rocker cover
    Meister R Zeta-R Coilovers
    Cyberspeed Lower Control Arms
  1. Be on the road for a few werks come March. Then off the road for a year for the new engine
  2. Always loved the Civic coupes, don't see them much on the roads anymore.
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  3. VeeTEEayiiii need more pictures of the engine and the car buddy,
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    1. ScottCivic Avatar
      Sorry to disapoint but there won't be any until the last part Im waiting on arrives. Exhaust donut typically so unable to fit the majority of my engine bits yet. Will get some up asap though (Y)
      ScottCivic, Wednesday 6th May, 2015
  4. Good to hear she's road legal once again.

    Please do tell us more about the work done on her in the Project Log
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