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  • It's a 2000 (X) CR-V ES. I bought it on ebay at the end of Feb '15 as a sort of project. I wanted a car with clearance and possible occasional 4x4 for summer hols. Very rough single lane tracks to rented cottage.

    I Ummed and ahhhd since November '14 - not wanting to spend much at all, and I was thinking about a Forester or a Legacy, but a CR-V was always at the forefront of my thinking.

    Anyway, I got one cheap. It seems solid. Some body damage, but underneath all seems well. Drives well. Some electrical gremlins need chasing out.

    Looking forward to this!

  1. I'm about to purchase a first gen CR-V and I can't wait for it.sold my vtec Civic(1997jap) to buy a CR-V.Honda are the best vehicles anywhere in the world
  2. Looked at the VIN plate under bonnet and it says R504P which a quick google tells me is Ruby Red.
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  3. The colour code is on the VIN plate. Usually a short series of letters and numbers

    EDIT: May also be on the door pillar.
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      Elvis Presley, Sunday 1st Mar, 2015
  4. First question might be........what colour is it?
  5. Looks like she's what you wanted.
    There are plenty of folk here that can help answer your questions if needed.
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