Daily Driver Owned by kingers555

  1. On par in terms of looks to the Elysion Prestige! Lovely big bus!
  2. Love these ones with dark interior!
    Mint looking also.
  3. A great vehicle for the whole family. :Niceone:
  4. Ready to sail....
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      What's the name of the ship ?
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 20th Feb, 2016
    2. Skippy Avatar
      Is that the Elysion that's on YouTube with Sam bought through japautoagent as I am looking at getting one looking for the 3.0 litre VX had a Nissan elgrand imported with them couple of years ago.
      Skippy, Friday 18th Mar, 2016
    3. kingers555 Avatar
      That's the one yes. Somewhere off the coast of Italy now after a short stop off in Beirut. Think it may be the first one they have sourced but still found the service excellent - as you'll have found their sweet spot is the 10 yr plus mint low mileage Elgrands and Alphards. Thought seriously about both (the toy spec is probably higher) but i'm a Honda boy at heart....and the VCM helped me justify the 3 litre.
      kingers555, Monday 28th Mar, 2016
  5. What a beaut!! Glad its the v6 not the 2.4
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  6. Looks a beast of car !
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