Daily Driver Owned by kingers555

  1. Nicely looking!
  2. On par in terms of looks to the Elysion Prestige! Lovely big bus!
  3. Love these ones with dark interior!
    Mint looking also.
  4. A great vehicle for the whole family. :Niceone:
  5. Ready to sail....
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      What's the name of the ship ?
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 20th Feb, 2016
    2. Skippy Avatar
      Is that the Elysion that's on YouTube with Sam bought through japautoagent as I am looking at getting one looking for the 3.0 litre VX had a Nissan elgrand imported with them couple of years ago.
      Skippy, Friday 18th Mar, 2016
    3. kingers555 Avatar
      That's the one yes. Somewhere off the coast of Italy now after a short stop off in Beirut. Think it may be the first one they have sourced but still found the service excellent - as you'll have found their sweet spot is the 10 yr plus mint low mileage Elgrands and Alphards. Thought seriously about both (the toy spec is probably higher) but i'm a Honda boy at heart....and the VCM helped me justify the 3 litre.
      kingers555, Monday 28th Mar, 2016
  6. What a beaut!! Glad its the v6 not the 2.4
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  7. Looks a beast of car !
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