Ex EP3
Previously Owned Owned by WalshDC5

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    This was my first Type-R which I bought pretty much standard and built up from there
    Mods included:
    -20mm Spacers
    -Genuine J's Racing front wings
    -Cat back exhaust
    -M2 Backbox
    -Tinted windows
    -Buddyclub carbon fibre bonnet
    -OEM style carbon fibre spoiler
    -Team Heko wind deflectors
    -Tinted rear lights
    -Carbon fibre gear :tut:
    -Gel badge overlays
    -Coilover suspension
    -Eibach camber bolts
    -Eibach camber arms

    This was one of my favourite cars to own, I loved the way it drove and how it looked. Although, after 18 months i got the itch to move on and then went to a DC2 (which i never really bonded with) and then onto my DC5
  1. What's it like to drive with the spacers
    Have you found any difference at all
    1. WalshDC5 Avatar
      I wouldn't say I found a noticeable difference, find more of a difference with a geo set up. Saying that I don't track my cars so it's mainly cosmetic. Hate it when the wheels look like they're scared and hiding in the arch haha
      WalshDC5, Tuesday 26th Jan, 2016
  2. How do you rate a EP3 against a DC5 @WalshDC5 ? I've got DC5 down as a future car to own, just wondering how different the two animals are ?
    1. WalshDC5 Avatar
      DC5 is in a different league mate. My EP3 didn't have an LSD and even after having a full geo set up with the coilovers the steering still felt pretty light compared to the 5. I love the EP3 but the DC5 is great! More raw yet still brilliant as a daily
      WalshDC5, Tuesday 26th Jan, 2016
    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      That's exactly how I imagined it would be, top stuff. Look forward to owning one :Smile:
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 26th Jan, 2016
    3. WalshDC5 Avatar
      You won't regret it buddy!
      WalshDC5, Tuesday 26th Jan, 2016
  3. these pics are NSFW! :dribble:
    I think you pulled of the two colour bodywork quite well..
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    1. WalshDC5 Avatar
      Thanks! i think its a kind of marmite car for most. People would always ask when i was going to get the front wings sprayed :lol:
      WalshDC5, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
    2. Pottermus Avatar
      I think it looks like you've had a bump and are repairing it on the cheap lol
      Pottermus, Tuesday 15th Mar, 2016