family wagon
Daily Driver Owned by FoReV R

  • well loved family wagon

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    ebay sourced 17in Opus alloys, refurbed at Spit 'n Polish in Tonbridge Kent with 205/50 Michelin Primacy 3XL.
    Winter rubber: Continental TS850 205/55 on standard 16in 5 spoke alloys
    Planned upgrades - reversing camera to replace faulty parking sensors!
  1. Great looking FR-V .Sleek choice of color. Would love to see some interior pics
  2. Looking good with the sports wheels on :Thumbup:
    1. FoReV R Avatar
      Spring is here so winter tyres off and cleaned ready for storage. Found 17's on ebay and went for 205/50's as the guy I bought them from had swapped back to 16's as it tramlined too much on 17's so didn't want to go wider. Can't say I've noticed the difference this week yet! Mind you he had 4 non matching tyres on em.....
      FoReV R, Thursday 19th Mar, 2015
  3. Lovely looking FR-V @FoReV R :Thumbup:

    Also like your username :Smile:

    What does the reg stand for ?
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    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Lol, cool !
      SpeedyGee, Thursday 19th Mar, 2015
    3. kchimz Avatar
      quite brainy username. props!
      kchimz, Sunday 22nd Mar, 2015
    4. FoReV R Avatar
      Cheers! 3 young kids - so my MPV days seems feel they'll go on forever..... and wish they'd done a Type-R
      The Williams is another Honda powered Nige!
      FoReV R, Sunday 22nd Mar, 2015
  4. She does look good. Please tell us more about her.
    1. FoReV R Avatar
      Hunted her down when 3rd child due from Cardiff. Trying to find a new as possible, sensible mileage FR-V was tricky. And this colour suits is best imo. A year in and no trouble, except parking sensors 3/4 not working. Kids love it, especially middle seats. More compact and unusual than typical SMax etc, and surprisingly good to chuck around (the steerings better than our Subaru!!)
      FoReV R, Thursday 19th Mar, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      That's Honda quality and engineering for you. Good to know that you and your children love it. Hopefully they will be the next generation of Honda owners.
      Nels, Thursday 19th Mar, 2015
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