Daily Driver Owned by F20cherry

  • Extras; electric windows All round. Heated mirrors if that is an extra ? Alloy wheels sunroof

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Drilled and grooved front discs mtec
    Mushroom air filter
    Cold air feed
    Universal 3.5" exhaust
    De-badged boot
    2 stickers
    Ignition timing advanced

    Service History & Related Threads

    Fresh fully synthetic oil + filter every 4000 miles
    Air filter cleaned every 5000 miles
    Spark plugs changed every 8000 miles
    Throttle body / inlet manifold cleaned every 10000 miles
  1. Is the bumper the crash damage? What happened?
    1. F20cherry Avatar
      That is my oddly placed Exhaust with alot of smoke around it due to over fuelling
      F20cherry, Friday 2nd Oct, 2015
    2. exec Avatar
      ah lol was wondering why it was like that!
      exec, Friday 2nd Oct, 2015
  2. Good to see her in the garage Daniel.
      F20cherry likes this.
    1. F20cherry Avatar
      Glad to be here ill get some more up tomorrow ill leave the crash damage out don't want to make everyone cringe
      F20cherry, Thursday 1st Oct, 2015